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JK Custom Painting is a commercial and residential based Newport News painting contractor that offers more than just your conventional interior and exterior painting. We also do professional drywall repairs and wood rot repairs among others. When you want a locally owned painting company, call us.

JK Custom Painting stays true to our work ethics and has repeat customers due to our honesty and integrity. Our goal to exceed the needs of each of our customers while creating long lasting relationships with them. Our house painters have the expertise and skills that you're looking for.

We apply safety and regard for our customers as the home is the biggest investment that you'll ever have to make. Your flooring as well as interior decor will be safely handled as we take the necessary precautions to cover them to prevent damages while prepping and doing the clean up work. We're your headquarters for all things interior and exterior.

Interior Painting

JK Custom PaintingWhen it comes to your walls; what have you done to protect them? If the paint you currently have on them is peeling or looking dull, call our painters in to help. Just let us know what you need done to your interior and the rest is history.

We would love to send our team of dedicated painters to your home in order for you to try something different. Our Newport News painting contractors offer the interior painting service that you and your family will appreciate.

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Exterior Painting

JK Custom PaintingYou may have noticed over the years that exterior painting and interior painting share many of the same characteristics. This may be true, but they are completely different as the paint, for the exterior, needs to be formulated to defy the elements.

The climate plays a major role in how the exterior is treated. Rain, snow, wind, hail and all other weather can damage the exterior over time. We have the solution for the exterior as the paint we use is of the best quality.

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JK Custom PaintingStaining is a service that differs a great deal from painting. Staining deals mainly in wood products such as the exterior and decks. Your wooden components can look their best using staining that protects and seals.

Call today and have your deck, exterior, patio or porch stained the way you want it to be. If you have extensive work that needs done, we can help you spruce up your home. Let our house painters breathe new life to your home.

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Wood Rot Repair

What's underneath your exterior siding is your business but if it's rotting, it becomes our business. Call us today for wood rot repairs and let us protect the rotted boards beneath your siding.

Your exterior wood doesn't have to be hiding under siding. It can be the exposed wood on your home that was once the talk of the neighborhood. We'll treat the wood with a wood consolidant and rebuild with a epoxy.

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Pressure Washing

Pressure washing can help spruce up your exterior. Your exterior, wooden fencing, decking go through a lot each year. We use a high grade solvent that can take care of the buildup on the outside of your home.

It's the little things that add to more value for your home. You'll find that more value and appeal can now become a reality. Let us take matters into our own hands while you get a chance to sit back and enjoy your home.

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Why Choose JK Custom Painting

There are always reasons to hire JK Custom Painting. We are honest and upfront with our customers. We’ll let you know what needs done to make your home look extra spectacular. Our vision is to provide each of our clients with quality craftsmanship.

We invite quality into our work because we care. We are always on time for all projects and stand by our work with warranties. You can enjoy your home better whenever you call our Newport News painting contractors. We offer superior services for our customers to take advantage of.

If you are looking for a expert painting contractor in the Newport News area then please call 970-417-3032 or complete our online request form.

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