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Storm Damage and Climate Changes: How Gutter Cleaning in Yorktown Can Help to Save Yours

It will not matter how old or worn your gutters are; if you’ve purchased even top of the line ones, you still can be in need of Yorktown gutter cleaning. Storm damages and climate changes are responsible for what is left behind in the gutters. ...

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How to Preserve Your Outdoor Deck through Staining on Your Newport News Property

When it comes to your exterior components; exactly what kind of work are you going to put into your wooden deck to preserve it? If you are looking to put money into it, then have wood staining in Newport News done. Coverage for your deck will prevent it from becoming damaged while being able...

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Everything You Need to Know About Exterior Painting in Smithfield

There is lots to know about the outside of your home. If you value the outdoors, like most homeowners do, then Smithfield exterior painting should be in your future as it will increase the appeal and seal out the poor air quality. It will help create a more picturesque environment for everyone to...

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Common Seaford Interior Painting Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to taking care of your Seaford home, one of the more enjoyable tasks to address is the need for interior painting. This not only brightens up the look, it helps to incorporate your style and express your individuality. Your current house cannot really become your dream home until you take care...

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Pressure Washing Beautifies Your Newport News Home

In order for you and your family to enjoy your Newport News property to the utmost, it is important to keep it as clean and as well maintained as possible. At JK Custom Painting, our pressure washing contractors are here to help you with this immense responsibility.

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Why You Should Pressure Wash Your Home Before Painting It

Exterior painting is one of the best ways to raise your home's resale value and to make it more attractive. However, not just any paint job will do—it's very important that you know you're getting high quality painting services. If the pain job is sub-par, its appearance will quickly deteriorate, and you'll need to have...

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Benefits of Pressure Washing

It can be easy to make the common mistake of focusing on how the inside of your home looks and neglecting to work on the exterior. Yet, over time, the outside of your home can begin to look dingy and rundown.

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Getting The Best Results For Your Exterior Painting in Newport News Project

When you make the decision to take care of exterior painting for your Newport News home, you want to feel certain that you are going to get the best results possible. There is no point investing the time, effort and money required, only to end up dissatisfied. From the quality of the painting work...

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How A Handyman Service In Newport News Can Help You Save

If you are planning to repair and update a Newport News home, a handyman who offers a wide range of services can help you save over hiring separate contractors or a remodeling general contractor. ...

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