Wood Staining Services in Newport News

Wood Staining Service in Newport News

If you have yet to locate a relaxing spot in your exterior, call the Newport News wood staining experts at JK Custom Painting. We can take care of that as we can change the look of your outdoors while creating a favorable environment. Your oasis can become a reality whenever you call. There are many benefits to our services. We have the perfect colors that will make your backyard go from dumpy to funky in no time at all.

Benefits of Exterior Staining

  • Prevents weather related damages
  • Prevents insect boring
  • Eliminates sun related damages
  • Makes sturdier environment for foot traffic

Preventing Weather Related Damages

Weather can account for about 80% of damages to your decking and exterior walls. Damages are sometimes hard to reverse. Wind and rain can come onto your outdoor components leaving them with long term damages.

Eliminating Insect Boring

Wood can be an insect's best friend as they can bore into it causing it to be replaced or suffering from long term damages to the point where you cannot enjoy it. Insects trap water from evaporating throughout the planks. Water damage, once seeped into the wood, can cost a lot to have replaced.

Sun Related Damages

The sun can cause your wooden outdoor components to dry up and crack. This is why decking and exteriors need to be treated. It can protect it from the sun much like sunscreen PF does for human skin.

Heavy Foot Traffic

Although your exterior does not see foot traffic, your deck does. The heavier the foot traffic the more chances it has of becoming damaged. Treated wood can allow for heavy foot traffic which preserves it for life.

Contact the Newport News wood staining specialists at JK Custom Painting today to make your outdoors safer and injuries preventable. We can ensure your safety as we are only a phone call away since we are locally owned.

Deck Restoration

If you have a deck that looks its age; you may want to have it looked at by our experts. Our Newport News painting contractors can restore the look of your deck once again using our advanced methods. Your deck will be renewed again and sealed tight.

Exterior Staining

Some homes, on the outside, benefit better from Newport News wood staining as opposed to traditional painting. Wooden exteriors can be sealed in from the climate changes while increasing the curb appeal.

If the curb appeal of your home is missing, call the experts at JK Custom Painting. We can lend our painters out to you in order to create a long lasting exterior. It's important that you have enhanced curb appeal for various reasons.

If you are looking for a wood staining expert in the Newport News area then please call 970-417-3032 or complete our online request form.

Photos of Our Staining Services

Our Newport News Wood Staining Specialists Provide:

  • Staining interior wood doors
  • Staining deck
  • Interior wood stain
  • Staining wooden doors
  • Outdoor wood stain
  • Wood staining
  • Deck staining
  • Staining wood
  • Staining and polyurethaning wood

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